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All Guilds Meeting - September 2015

afbeelding van Doobes

It's back to school for some, back to work for others, and back to the cavern for September's All Guilds Meeting.  Things were delayed a bit to accomodate Doobes' admittedly weird schedule, but the meeting itself went off without a hitch.

Thanks to Korov'ev and Tai'lahr, we have your raw and cleansed chatlogs ready to go!

Also, here's a handy summary:

CAVCON Awareness Party

As has been done in previous years, some very caring and crafty explorers are planning to organize a big event to bring the importance of the CAVCON to the forefront...and to just have a great time in the cavern. 

Deirdre, Zeke365, Patricio and maggie696 are behind this year's efforts, and the party is tentatively scheduled for October 10th.  More details will be figured out over September, with a full announcement at the next AGM (October 3rd).  Stay tuned here and at the MOUL Events forum!

Explorers Memorial

If you've been by Kahlo Pub in Ae'gura, you've no doubt seen the memorial that stands there, with names of real explorers who have passed away (aside from two URU characters).  Tai'lahr has taken it upon herself to expand on this idea by creating a full Wiki to bring a bit more information to the names on that memorial.

As such, she has created an In Memoriam page over at OpenUru.org's Wiki.  The idea is to hear more about those we have lost and really get to know just who they were and how they are missed by those that knew them.

For more information on this project, you can visit the description page.  Note that anyone who signs up can edit the Wiki; however, adding a name onto the Ae'gura memorial in-game can only be done with an e-mail to Cyan.


Current figures for the CAVCON meter place it at 2.1 as of August 10th.  The delay for new figures is most likely due to Cyan finishing up things with Obduction.  Even so, remember to keep donating so the cavern can remain open.  Don't forget...fan content is not too far away!


The next AGM will be October 3rd at 13:00 KI time.  Until then!


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